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Duet Paprocki&Brzozowski

Famous as a duo since 2000. They improved their skills at Faculty of Textile and Fashion and in 2002 they graduated with distinctions from Strzemiński Academy of Art. Two years later they made their debute with the first collection which brought them a title of the Designers of the Year 2004. They have many awards on their’s scorecard, such as The Golden Thread from Lodz International Fair and The Special Prize of Society for Promoting Young European Talents PROMETA. In 2005, they received the title of the Fashion and Art Personality at the 5th Fashion and Art gala in Wroclaw. They are famous for their penchant for gauzy and ethereal fabrics, feminine cuts, and elaborate forms.

Wojciech Grzybała

The journalist, an expert on trends, currently head of the fashion department in bi-weekly Gala. Previously associated with the Polish edition of Grazia (head of fashion department) and the ‘Show’ magazine, in which he ran his own column ‘Trafy i Gafy’. Winner of the prestigious ‘Nadzieja Kielc’ award in 1999. In 2004-2008 he worked as a photographer with the largest Polish stars. He combines his fashion passions with art. A graduate of the University of Warsaw at the Department of Art History. Co-founder and president of the Andrzej Wróblewski Foundation, established jointly with the heirs of the artist (the daughter Marta Wróblewska and granddaughter Krystyna Łysik) and Magdalena Ziółkowska. Co-curator of the exhibition ‘Constantly looking ahead’ at

the National Museum in Krakow. From January 2015, he’s an advisor to the director of the Krakow Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki.

Michał Zaczyński

Journalist. Publishes, among others in “Polityka” and “Vogue”. Lecturer, fashion expert, author of the blog michalzaczynski.com.

Anna Zejdler

Chief editor of Gala Magazine. Italianist by profession, journalist by profession who has conducted hundreds of interviews with the biggest polish and international celebrities. An influencer and fashion lover who is friends with many Polish designers and knows the world of show business from the inside out. She is fluent in four languages.

Maciej Jóźwicki & Juliusz Rusin

As the RAD duet, they have been collaborating since 2017. Design and fashion design graduates from the University of Fine Arts and the University of Social Sciences in Poznań. They stood on the podium of the OFF Fashion competition three times to finally win the 1st prize in 2019. In the same year, their collection called “Wiesia” was awarded the “Golden Thread” prize during the Łódź Young Fashion event and a distinction of Polimoda (Florence) for the best collection during the KTW Fashion Week. Their designs have been published in Vogue Runway, Vogue Polska, Harpers Bazaar, ELLE, L’officiel, Twój Styl, and Wysokie Obcasy. In their designs, they often use unique techniques; they create and modify materials by themselves and print their own semi-finished products and details. As a brand, RAD is addressed to women who seek wise and self-aware fashion inspired by the personality of Maria Skłodowska-Curie – the only woman in history who managed to receive Nobel Prize twice.

Małgorzata Garda

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, an academic teacher since 1975; practices creativity in the field of clothing design (approx. 4000 implementations), film costume, poster and photography; fashion show director, creator and curator of exhibitions, court expert. She created her own programs of training students of clothing for several universities (including the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Technical University of Lodz. Universite de la Mocie from Lyon, WST in Katowice, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, WPA UAM). She co-created fashion programs for TVP1 and TVP3. In 2012 she received the academic title of professor of fine arts.

Tomasz Miler

Passionate about tailoring, aged spirits and an elegant but modern lifestyle. A biotechnologist and conference translator by education (UP and STiJO UAM Poznań). After years of professional career as a conference interpreter, he opened a tailor workshop and a shop for classic men’s clothing, which quickly transformed into the clothing brand Miler Menswear, which after 6 years on the market employs 30 people and sells classic clothes that offer men a return to classic male elegance in the modern edition. The brand’s collections can be viewed on ShopMiler.com or by visiting the flagship salon during a visit to Poznań at ul. Podgórna 4.

Magdalena Płonka

The authoress of the first book in Poland on responsible fashion: “Ethics in fashion – On CSR in the clothing industry”; the only person in the country who holds a PhD in fashion CSR – she defended her doctoral dissertation at the IADE Creative University in Lisbon, under the supervision of the famous Prof. Sandy Black from the London Collage of Fashion; fashion designer (Master’s degree at the Łódź Academy of Art) as well as Court Appointed Expert at the Regional Court in Warsaw.
Panelist at the Ghent Global Fashion Conference, recipient of the Lion’s Club scholarship, winner of fashion designer awards in Złota Nitka, Srebrna Pętelka. She has been chosen by the “Pani” magazine as one of 100 most influential women; feature writer and visiting professor at foreign and domestic universities, including MSKPU in Warsaw (the International School of Costume Design and Fashion Design).

Paweł Węgrzyn, PhD

Polish fashion designer, fashion expert, fashionista and fashion coach, the finalist of the Competition for the best fashion designer in 2019 – “Polish Fashion Anatomy”, the Competition Jury Chairperson of the Fine Arts Academy Competition “Art. Fashion Designer”, of the competition for the best fashion designer Haute Couture, juror in competitions for the best female model and male model during, among others, World Fresh Faces and the international competition for the handsomest man in the world – Mister Supranational 2019, creator of the brand called Paweł Węgrzyn-fashion. So far, for his artistic accomplishments, he has been awarded his personal Ex Libris made by the famous Polish Ex Libris designer Krzysztof Kmieć. He has participated in many Polish and foreign fashion shows, fashion weeks, as well as been invited to General Consulates, such as on the invitation of Consul General of Belarus in 2019.

In 2005, he won the Polish Competition “Marketingowy Wizjoner Roku – Marketer 2005”. He is also the winner of the Marketing Excellence Award 2016 (Berlin). Lecturer during the Conference called “Prawo Designu i Mody” (The Laws of Design and Fashion) at the University of Silesia in 2019.

In his collections, he shows an innovative approach towards the classic and breaks the existing conventions and standards. The trademark of the brand Paweł Węgrzyn-fashion is asymmetry of jackets and coats. The design solutions of classic wear and the quite bold forms proposed by the brand have many enthusiasts, including many media and TV celebrities in Western Europe and, in the recent years, in Poland as well. Paweł Węgrzyn-fashion is on its way towards becoming a well-known European brand.

Marzena Singh

Editor-in-chief and publisher of one of the oldest fashion titles on the Polish publishing market – Fashion Magazine and fashionpost.pl. Responsible for the development strategy and publishing line of the magazine and website. He manages the editorial work from the substantive and artistic side. Thanks to a holistic approach to management, he is consistently building a strong media group operating in the field of fashion & lifestyle. He sits on the jury of competitions for young designers, including The International School of Costume and Dress Design or the School of Artistic Dress Design in Krakow. Privately, mother of nine-year-old Aleks, a lover of good design and Polish designers. He permanently lives in London.

Katarzyna Łęcka

A graduate of the Faculty of Journalism at the University Warsaw and the Italian Polimoda Fashion Institute. Before establishing the L. Catherine brand, London worked as a reporter for Polish Television and TVP Chicago in the United States. After graduating in Florence, Italy, she became a member of the product management team at the Emilio Pucci fashion house belonging to the Louis Vuitton group. She “polished” her fashion passion under the guidance of lecturers from Saint Martins College of Art in London, so that in 2010 the L.Catherine London brand was created. The first collection turned out to be a success, after which subsequent ones quickly appeared – shows in London, New York, Paris, Brussels and Los Angeles. The international press wrote about the original style of the designer, and photos of individual collections were shown include in the New York Times, American Forbes, British Vouge or Italian Glamor.
Her proprietary business model projects are implemented by both British and New York companies. The Pearl of Wisdom was awarded for the charity organization Flower of Femininity. She lived in Kyoto, Los Angeles and Florence to settle permanently in London. And it is here that he works for fashion houses such as Burbbery, Roberto Cavalli or Balenciaga. And she has been permanently associated with the Louis Vuitton fashion house for the last five years.

Ewa Chabielska

Uses Wrocław, where she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the field of Ceramics Design. After graduation, she dealt with designing used forms and advertising. However, her interests quickly set a new path for the collection’s development. The fashion industry, stylization and their impact on personal image inspired her to train in a private school Image creation – Artistic Alternative in Krakow. She worked as a stylist for several years.
After moving to Kielce, she created the Fashion Laboratory, later renamed the Textile Workshop of the Design Institute. Currently, he is the Director of the Castle Hill, and the Design Institute in Kielce operates within the framework of related activities.
Privately, he is interested in contemporary design, not only in the context of a product or service, but also the emotions it evokes and what values it brings.