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"The objective of beauty is to impress," as Cyprian Kamil Norwid wrote. And what is the purpose of the Beasts? Are they to destroy and suppress everything that is beautiful or to surrender to beauty? Or maybe – they could create a sort of balance together and perhaps life without that balance is impossible?

And what do you think? If there is the Beauty, do we need the Beast as well?

That is the subject of this year's edition of OFF FASHION International Competition for Fashion Designers and Enthusiasts : "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST".

The sequence seems to be simple, Bella and the Beast, Quasimodo and Esmeralda, beautiful girls and terrifying vampires spring to our mind immediately. But you, our Beloved Designers, are allowed to break the rules like no one else, get off the beaten paths, provide the audience with brand new associations.

Does Beauty always wear wonderful, flowy dresses? Can one dress the Beast in a splendid suit made from the best fabrics? And how does one embodies what is amazing and what scares one off? Since ideals and beauty role models change as the time passes - is there anything timeless in Beauty? And can every Beast be transformed due to a real kiss? There are numerous questions ... We believe that your answers will delight us and that you will try to grab the very secret of beauty. Is it hidden in a dress line, in a detail on the slipper or maybe in a white veil? What is more, we know you have the courage to look into the depths of the night and sketch out the contours of what embodies the evil in your projects ... Let your Beauty provide us with a world filled with heavenly admiration, let your Beast introduce us to the image of the terrifying abyss. Or maybe there is no BEAUTY and there is no BEAST?

There is only a human being with Mr Hyde lurking inside.

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