Fashion show during the Final Gala

During the solemn Final Gala, designer Justyna Anna Petelicka will present her collection on the catwalk.

Justyna Anna Petelicka
An economist by profession, a fashion designer from a great love of art.
Since 2013, he has been creating clothes for his own brand JAP Petelicka.

Her collections have been presented twice during the Berlin Fashion Week, and have repeatedly been featured in Polish and international fashion magazines such as L’officiel, Vogue Italia, In Style, K-mag, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar. JAP Petelicka’s clothes have also gained recognition among Polish stars and celebrities – they are worn by, among others Agnieszka Grochowska, Roksana Węgiel, Ania Karwan, Mafffashion, Michał Szpak, Paulina Krupińska and Cleo. The designer philosophy is to create luxurious clothes, well-cut and made of high quality – mainly natural – fabrics. She often decorates them by hand using unique techniques – hence her collections include hand-painted details, artistic embroidery and decorations.

For the sake of the planet, Justyna Petelicka uses fabrics from proven sources that are created in ethical conditions. JAP Petelicka collections are a short series of unique clothes that are unique, high quality and out of season. All this means that the designer things can be worn for years in accordance with the slow fashion movement.

The collection presented during the Gala is dedicated to confident women who want to stand out. The main inspiration of the designer here was the beauty of nature, the colors of the cosmos and the fleeting, changeable nature of the fair sex. The collection includes classic suits with a modern cut, silk and tulle haute couture evening dresses as well as rock jackets, beloved by the designer, leather jackets in casual styles.

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