Meeting with Małgorzata Garda

We invite you to a meeting with prof. Małgorzata Garda, author of the book ‘Fashion after Fashion’, fashion designer, poster designer, photographer. The professor’s extensive range of experiences also includes directing fashion shows, authoring programs for training students of clothing for national universities and Université de la Mode from Lyon. She also co-created fashion programs for TVP.

The meeting will start on Friday, October 23 at 17.00

“Fashion after fashion” – from the author:

FASHION – what is it and what does it mean today?

Moving various aspects of FASHION, I convey knowledge that can verify the view of FASHION as a trivial thing, although FASHION has never been. It is something different for each of us. For professionally interested designers, it is an endless collection of inspiration, experience and knowledge.
For culture researchers – a platform for research and investigation. For every human being, he is diagnosed with a sinusoid of doubt every day. I decided to include the text of the book in two intertwining conventions. The first test is historical and substantive discourse, the second is open italic questions to the reader, which he may want to interpret for himself.

Why did I do that?

Fashion is a multi-threaded and ambiguous phenomenon about which everyone probably knows something. Every day we look in the mirror, although we don’t always want to meet. FASHION is an inspiration in interpersonal contacts, because by manipulating it, we can say anything or nothing about ourselves … However, we are not always willing to appreciate the role of FASHION and the influence it has on us. Maybe because, paradoxically, it means too much to us?

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