We are happy to welcome Dr Paweł Węgrzyn among the Jury of the XXII Edition of Off Fashion.

Paweł Węgrzyn, PhD
Polish fashion designer, fashion expert, fashionista and fashion coach, the finalist of the Competition for the best fashion designer in 2019 – “Polish Fashion Anatomy”, the Competition Jury Chairperson of the Fine Arts Academy Competition “Art. Fashion Designer”, of the competition for the best fashion designer Haute Couture, juror in competitions for the best female model and male model during, among others, World Fresh Faces and the international competition for the handsomest man in the world – Mister Supranational 2019, creator of the brand called Paweł Węgrzyn-fashion. So far, for his artistic accomplishments, he has been awarded his personal Ex Libris made by the famous Polish Ex Libris designer Krzysztof Kmieć. He has participated in many Polish and foreign fashion shows, fashion weeks, as well as been invited to General Consulates, such as on the invitation of Consul General of Belarus in 2019. 

In 2005, he won the Polish Competition “Marketingowy Wizjoner Roku – Marketer 2005”. He is also the winner of the Marketing Excellence Award 2016 (Berlin). Lecturer during the Conference called “Prawo Designu i Mody” (The Laws of Design and Fashion) at the University of Silesia in 2019.

In his collections, he shows an innovative approach towards the classic and breaks the existing conventions and standards. The trademark of the brand Paweł Węgrzyn-fashion is asymmetry of jackets and coats. The design solutions of classic wear and the quite bold forms proposed by the brand have many enthusiasts, including many media and TV celebrities in Western Europe and, in the recent years, in Poland as well. Paweł Węgrzyn-fashion is on its way towards becoming a well-known European brand.

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