We are happy to welcome Ewa Chabielska among the Jury of the XXII Edition of Off Fashion.

Ewa Chabielska uses Wrocław, where she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the field of Ceramics Design. After graduation, she dealt with designing used forms and advertising. However, her interests quickly set a new path for the collection’s development. The fashion industry, stylization and their impact on personal image inspired her to train in a private school Image creation – Artistic Alternative in Krakow. She worked as a stylist for several years.

After moving to Kielce, she created the Fashion Laboratory, later renamed the Textile Workshop of the Design Institute. Currently, he is the Director of the Castle Hill, and the Design Institute in Kielce operates within the framework of related activities.

Privately, he is interested in contemporary design, not only in the context of a product or service, but also the emotions it evokes and what values ​​it brings.

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