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Recman brand is a model of the modern elegance. The concept of the brand was born in 1986, when a family tailor’s shop specialising in sewing men’s clothing was established. Due to a dynamic growth of the company, presently the team consists of several hundred experienced experts engaging in works on individual collections. Suits and jackets manufactured in Poland from the highest quality fabrics and accessories are a fleet product of Recman brand. The assortment contains also among others coats, shirts, trausers, sweters, polo shirts, footwear and stylish accessories, and they include among others belts and leather accessories, a large selection of ties, bow ties and pochettes, and sensual perfumes and stretchers from cedarwood. The collections are characterised by accuracy of execution of every suit, shirt or jacket in which a buyer not only emphasises his/her elegant appearance, but also feels comfortable and at ease.

Since 2011 Recman has been an Official Sponsor of the Polish Men’s Representation in Tenis, providing in this way clothing to the best Polish players. In 2016 Recman has become a General Partner of the Polish Tennis Association.

Clothing and accessories bearing Recman logo are available in several dozen cities in the entire territory of Poland, including the Echo Gallery in Kielce. Please visit a Recman salon and the online shop:

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