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Klaudia Klimas is this year’s graduate of the Cracow Schools of Art at the Field of Fashion Design. She also developed herself as Image Creator in the Artistic Alternative and Visual Merchandiser. 

Her this year’s collection titled ARYSTON, created for the purposes of a diploma thesis in the CSA, became a ticket to many fashion shows. 

Only in 2019 she several times took part in Cracow, Kielce, Radom and Mediolan, where she proudly represented the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design. 

A finalist of the Cracow Fashion Awards and a winner of Ariadne prize and BlackBalloon agency. 

A winner of SEYES prize during the OFF FASHION final gala. 

During the European Fashion Union in Mediolan she was rewarded with the participation in the Fashion Week in Russia.

Apart from catwalks, her designs took part in advertising campaigns among others for HUAWEI, NOU perfumes or BATYCKI brand.

A design from the collection was also chosen for a music video of a finalist of Voice of Poland ‒ Zuza Jabłońska. 

You can admire her to date publications in Vogue Italia, Lśnienie Mag, Magma Mag.

Presently, Klaudia works on an original jewellery collection for SEYES brand and a premiere sales collection of a brand functioning under her name which soon will be available in her shop.



The collection is inspired by a Russian music box. A symbiosis of colour, detail, euphoric sounds. A running through motif of ballet dancer characteristic for the object which is supplemented by music. Female composition, slightly exaggerated ‒ theatrical. Standing out due to handmade finishing and care for every detail. Despite its strong contrasts and apparent chaos, it has common ground.

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