Off Fashion Academy

Visit Galeria Echo on 27 October at 4.00 p.m. to watch the Fashion Show of Alicja Tkaczyk as a part of the newest Edition of Off Fashion Academy. 

Alicja Tkaczyk (born in 1997), student of the third year at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź in the field of Fashion Design. The finalist of numerous competitions. She specializes in knitted clothes. She relies on manual crafts that give a lot of space for experimenting; she seeks for her own weaves, structures and textures. She treats her designs as works of art through which she expresses herself and shares this expression with others.

-2018 – finalist in the BLUE DROP competition organized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź
-2018 – participation in the exhibition of clothing inspired by designs of Jerzy Antkowiak, the Cetral Textile
Museum in Łódź,
-2019 – winner of the competition organized by Knittex, design of tights introduced to production,
-2019 – finalist of Off Fashion Kielce
-2019 – finalist of WOW fashion awards

The PRXER collection combines the ideas of slow fashion and eco fashion. The collection was created from scraps generated in production of clothes. It is a combination of seemingly incompatible elements of knitted fragments that originate from mistakes in mass production. Such mistakes, differences from the standard design, became the inspiration for original, experimental weaves. The hand-crafted knitting makes them unique. Manual work also helps in decreasing the production waste. The plethora of weaves and vivid textures makes the simple clothes look extraordinary. Such a character is also attributable to manual work that requires many hours of effort. The attention is drawn by the combination of smooth pastel shades with intensive red accents.

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